About REAP


The Association, through committed leadership will develop and sustain its members in
the science and practice of road engineering by promoting continuous education, relevant
research, and exchange of experience and technology with local and international related


To be a highly regarded and globally-recognized organization in road engineering with
professionally-competent members committed to provide excellent services for the
enhancement of the quality of life.


Professionalism, Integrity, Dedication to Service, Leadership, Accountability,
Networking, Innovativeness, Visionary, Competence, Enhancement of Quality of Life,
and, Commitment to Excellence


Sec. 1 The objectives of the Association shall be:
1.1 To promote and advance the science and practice of road engineering and related
1.2 To encourage communication between persons charged with the technical responsibility
for the planning, design, construction and maintenance of roads and allied structure.
1.3 To obtain and diffuse among the members, information on road engineering and related
matters affecting the profession and to print, sell, publish, issue and circulate the records
of transaction of the Association or any papers, periodicals, books, circulars and other
literary undertakings or any extracts there from as may seem conducive to any of these
1.4 To educate and seek to improve, extend and elevate the technical and general knowledge
of members and persons concerned with road engineering.
1.5 To serve as a focal point for exchange of ideas related to road engineering.
1.6 To conduct, encourage and collate research in road engineering.
1.7 To establish and maintain an index of available or existing literature and articles of
interest in connection with road engineering.
1.8 To cooperate and establish linkages with other national and international organizations
and to support and supplement their works, as may seem conducive in realizing any of
these objectives.
1.9 To encourage membership and formation of new chapters.
1.10 To institutionalize administrative effectiveness in the handling and use of its finances.